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Our Story

The low murmur of voices and the light movement of wine cascading into a crystal glass are the first sounds you hear after a warm greeting from the maître d’. With a slight gesture of his hand, you are taken to a beautiful table set with a crisp white tablecloth, black table linens and silver tableware. The chair is drawn away from the table, and as you slip into the seat, you gaze out a nearby window to find a waterfall flowing gently into a nearby creek. With that, you relax into your chair, smile at your dinner companion, and wait for what has been lauded as the most romantic dinner in Northeast Ohio. 

Originally purchased by Jess and Sue Cecil in 1972 from Frank Lanning Barnett, Lanning’s has been a fixture alongside Yellow Creek for 50 years.

A family-owned fine dining restaurant with an unparalleled legacy, Dean Martin's Lanning’s is known for its romantic ambiance, impeccable tuxedo service, and its famous Lanning’s Steak Sauce. More recently, Dean Martin's Lanning’s is being recognized for its live entertainment and completely renovated interior, aiming to reach higher than Lanning’s ever has before. 

From start to finish, Dean Martin's Lanning’s is a unique culinary experience. An experience that has been revamped, modernized and yet still retains its original, old school fine dining steak house charm by couple Dean and Bethany Martin. Dean Martin's Lanning’s is still a locally owned restaurant, but with the panache and the flare of being a true destination restaurant. We always say, "Why go downtown when you can stay in town?"

Since the ownership change in late 2020, Dean Martin's Lanning’s has been continually recognized not only for its service, but for our setting and our new, award winning wine list. A list that boasts over 100 unique wines, some of the finest in the world, each bottle of wine is hand selected by Bethany Martin, and caters to every palate. Our wine list has been recognized as “the most prestigious and impressive wine list in Northeast Ohio," has won the 2022 Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator, and our staff loves to share their knowledge with each guest, ensuring you have a wine experience like no other. 

Dean Martin's Lanning’s has been and will continue to be Northeast Ohio’s premier fine dining restaurant, with so much more on the horizon to continually enhance and elevate every guest’s experience. Come see the difference that Lanning’s can make in your culinary exploration of Northeast Ohio, your table is ready!